Why we love the Surface 3

Why do we like the Surface Pro 3 so much enough to write something about it? Because it does exactly what we wanted. It is a tablet, a computer, a small-screen, an e-reader, a social media app, a calendar, etc. It is both productive and fun.

So far it is become a second workstation in line to replace our first. And with Windows Cloud we get a comfortable 1TB storage, plus there is One Note which is a magnificent task manager, note taker, screen grabber, etc.

Windows 8.1 replicates the desktop on both machines and it makes it a seamless experience to go from my desktop to the Surface in a moment’s notice. Portability is second to none, no packing, and no disconnecting. No carrying cables, you carry it in your hand. We take it everywhere.

We recommend the 256 i5. It is powerful enough to run all programs. Adobe, you name it. The modem is extremely responsive. Videos look great on the 12 in display, reading is easy, the pen and touchscreen are fun to use, you can read, and write, draw, paint, play games, browse the internet, and most importantly work! And there are many more features which make it so easy to use.

If you have not seen the Surface Pro 3 in action and are considering a new computer, check it out.

NOTE 1: If you are switching from a pre-Windows 8 environment, --I took the first step to Windows 8 with my laptop so it was easy for me to go to the Surface--, it will take a bit for you to know yourself around the new OS. But once you do you will be in "new laptop" heaven.

NOTE 2: If you want to use the Surface as your workstation you can either get yourself the Surface Docking Station, or a USB 3.0 hub for your HDMI (I bought the mini to HDMI Microsoft), Ethernet, Keyboard and Mouse.

NOTE 3: If you are considering buying one go to a Microsoft Store where you can get a deal on Office Software, a 2 year replacement protection package, a keyboard, 1TB of storage on the Microsoft Cloud, a case, and assistance from Microsoft.

NOTE 4: We have heard some comments that the Surface gets too hot. I've not experienced this in everyday use. Be careful though, the computer turns on even when the keyboard is closed if you press the top button of the pen that opens OneNote. This will cause the tablet to warm up while it is not in use.

NOTE 5: Using the pen is fun. I alternate pen and touch at this point but I keep discovering more and more uses for the pen. Screen Shots can be grabbed by double-clicking on the pen's top button, then cropping the area to be captured. This will save them automatically to OneNote. There are also several short cuts for the pen which can be customized as per the image.