Google Adwords deliver reach, relevance and ROI

You may ask why Avanti Interactive prefers Google AdWords over other search marketing organizations. According to a recent Standard & Poor’s survey of search engine usage, including Google, Yahoo,, Lycos, and MSN, Google was the most widely used search engine in the United States. 48% of the survey respondents indicated that they used Google most often-a percentage almost two and half times more than the second place runner up.

Additionally, in a recent survey conducted by Vividence Corporation, people were asked to rate their experience with select search engine sites. 89% of the respondents reported a ‘strongly positive’ experience with Google, far surpassing the competition.

Avanti Interactive's expertise can help clients take advantage of the full range of tools offered by Google AdWords and with one media buy accomplish results that used to take a whole team of media planners. AdWords ads can appear virtually anywhere online worldwide, yet remain targeted and relevant. Avanti Interactive helps you measure performance and edit your AdWords campaigns to optimize results and enjoy unprecedented levels of control over their advertising spending and reach.


As soon as we understand your marketing objectives we can discuss the scale and reach of Google AdWords. When you invest in Google AdWords you are purchasing relevant real time distribution on a massive scale. Ads are distributed across Google Properties such as Search, YouTube, as well as on partner sites, newsletters and email. AdWords ads reach millions of people worldwide every month and are seen by over 80% of internet users in the United States alone each month.

Google AdWords Affiliate NetworkGoogle properties include, Mobile, YouTube, and many more. In addition, ads are seen on Google search partner sites. These are sites from which users search the internet including AOL and Google also serves ads on our content partner sites these sites display ads next to relevant content like product reviews or news articles. These include, and many more big and small. As a result, each ad buy on Google is matched to over 200 million searches a day and the content of hundreds of millions of web pages. This enables users to see relevant messaging at every step of the buy cycle.


Unlike traditional advertising and most forms of online advertising, where messages are broadcast to a general audience, ads on Google AdWords are shown only to people who indicate an interest in a specific topic. People indicate their interest by going to Google searching for specific terms or keywords. In a split second Google returns the natural search results for that particular keyword and ads that are pertinent to the user’s search keywords.

Organic vs. Paid Search Results

This makes ads relevant and useful in the same way as the natural search results. This model of advertising is both effective and compelling since a business can advertise only to people who indicate interest at the exact moment that they indicate their interest.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When it comes to cost and accountability Avanti Interactive can help its clients, advertising on Google AdWords, meet many objectives. We can help you to determine desired metrics in advance and implement a Google advertising program that will meet your objectives and ensure success.

For example, if our client’s marketing objectives are branding, building awareness or educating prospects, through AdWords, Avanti Interactive can target that message to an audience that is likely to be receptive. If our client’s objective is generating leads, or identifying sales prospects, we can help to achieve these results, for example, driving event registrations or newsletter sign-ups. Lastly, if you want to generate sales and acquire new customers, Avanti Interactive can help you to find out how to best measure this. Is it through sales conversions, site registrations, or through requests for catalogs or store locations?

Example of how AdWords ads can pay for themselves: If a business invests $300/month in AdWords setting their maximum cost per click at $0.50 and they receive 60 conversions at an average sale price of $100, a 10% return can return $6,000 in sales.

With positive results such as this, businesses can deploy their ads on a larger scale. Re-investing profits in your AdWords budget may further increase success with no risk. This is just one example of how Avanti Interactive can help you to make Google AdWords pay for itself. With Google AdWords we help our clients grow by designing a program that will lead to success.

Avanti Interactive uses the AdWords platform to meet many objectives and will work with you hand in hand from the start to discover your marketing objectives and how they plan to measure their advertising program’s success.